Logically Article: Down the Rabbit Food Hole

"From wellness to "well, actually you might want to read about the real history of Germany," Pete Evans’ journey from primetime celebrity chef to full-blown conspiracy theorist is a perfect illustration of wellness culture’s distressingly common pathway towards dangerous engagement with fascist ideas. The route from engaging with health and wellness communities to promoting dangerous conspiracy theories is not inevitable, but nor is it uncommon."

The rise of Australia's ‘Dirtbag Left': the digital generation turns to socialism

A new online generation of Australians are taking up the mantle of socialism, fueled by memes, podcasts, and a need for change. In August, I found myself in an extremely packed-out after party for the 2017 Democratic Socialists of America Convention in Chicago. The beers and snacks were plentiful and free, the guys from the leftist comedy podcast Chapo Trap House were there, and the atmosphere was welcoming. The crowd was mostly under 30, warm, friendly and passionate about making change in a d